This is my attempt to write a Quake3 BSP viewer. It’s written in C++ using OpenGL and GLUT.

Current features:

  • .BSP support (Quake 3 Arena’s map format)
  • Lightmapping
  • Bezier Patches (curved surfaces)
  • PVS and Frustum Culling
  • Multitexturing
  • Multiplatform (using GLUT, later SDL perhaps?)
  • Shaders (not 100% yet but almost)

Things TODO:

  • Fully support the shaders
  • Parse and use the entities
  • Draw the mesh-thingies (statues)
  • Collision detetcion
  • Support .pk3 files
  • Turn it into a playable game ;]

Screenshots from 2002.12.15 (even more shaders work now ;])

Screenshots from 2002.12.13 (most shaders works now)

Screenshots from 2002.11.25
Completed the bezier patche code. As you see; shaders and sprites arn’t suppoted yet.

Screenshot from 2002.11.22 (added support for bezier patches (somewhat))

Screenshot from 2002.11.21

The green dots are the bezier control-points. (next thing to fix)