This is screenshots from my 3D-engine in the works, The Tempest Engine. It’s written in C++ using OpenGL, SDL and DevIL. Current features:

  • Reads in my own model-format and renders it.
  • Wrote a Maya-plugin to export into my own format.
  • Per-pixel-lighting.

Things TODO:

  • LOTS.. ;]

You can now download an early demo of The Tempest Engine, mostly for me to see if it works on more computers than my own. It requires a DX9 class graphics card (that is, a GeForceFX or an ATI Radeon 9500 or newer) with recent drivers.
Please report any problems, or success! :)
Download demo here.
Dll-files needed can be found here. It contains MS runtime files, DevIL, SDL, GLEW and corona. Put in same directory as the exe-file and it should work.
2005.01.07: Updated and now it will hopefully work on ATI cards.

Screenshots from 2004.12.28 (Fish/pool scene, mady by my friend Jakob, aka Hobbe) The white square is the light-source ;]