Very long time; no post.

So; what has happened since last?

I was quite busy at Fatshark. Vermintide was a big hit. Making a game that is mostly coded in Lua run fast enough on consoles was a challenge ^__^ 2016 - October
Then even more busy at DICE; fixing post launch bugs Battlefield 1, .. then developing Battlefield V. Doing what I usually do; low level stuff. Optimizing. Fixing weird bugs. Handling Console specific things. .. and working for DICE/EA meant no coding on own projects and such. I guess that is one reason I haven’t updated this website in forever. The other main reason is me being lazy :p

2019 - August
And from this, you will probably understand that I do not work at DICE any longer. I moved on to Avalanche as the Lead Programmer for theHunter: Call Of The Wild. Doing similar things as before; fixing weird bugs, optimizing, console specific stuff. Plus the Lead part, …and a busy release scheduel. But I can code things outside of work now! So; hopefully that will mean that some projects I have had in haitus can spring to life again. :) Not sure I will ever finish my JSON library, but, some code will hopefully show up here at least. ^_^

And now; Working From Home. It should theoretically give me almost an hour more per day. I’ll try to use it. ^___^