Dec 7, 2014 - Revamping Of My Webpage

So! It was time (again, and again, I know)

Hopefully changing to Jekyll will make me write more, by being less in the way of actually making a webpage. Only time will tell.

Having played with it for.. 1½ day now and, apart from it not wanting to start its webserver ~80% of the time without any errors (Python saved me here: python -m http.server 8000 ftw!), recreating my old webpage with this new tool has been quite..easy. Also extending it is easy and quite fun. Even if it means you have to code a bit of Ruby (shudders).

I basically got this theme off of github and, have since mangled it to pieces; tried to make it suit my needs.

Now I just need to write new posts! Also merge a few more old ones to this format..

Aug 26, 2006 - Doom3 Documentation

This is a.. not even read-through thing. Very none-polished. Just so you know ;] Things to add: actual code for the structures, and maby a few functions?

To be able to use this info you need to know how to code, need to know something about BSP-trees or similar. You need to know how portals work. And some sort of 3D API. OpenGL for example ;]

I'll try to outline what I have figured out about the Doom3 fileformats. When a level for Doom3 is made, the .map file is the one you edit with the level-editor, and when you are done you compile this into a .proc and .cm file.. maby the .aas?? files as well? The .proc file holds the geometry of the level. Unlike Quake3 Doom3 doesn't have bezier-curves etc. There exists curved surfaces in the .map file but when it gets compiled that data is evaluated,... more.

Jul 26, 2006 - Doom3 Viewer

This is my little try at writing a Doom3 viewer. It's written in C++ using OpenGL and SDL.

Right now I only read the .proc and .mtr files. In the .proc file, I have figured out how the model (geometry), nodes (BSP) and interAreaPortals (portals) work. The culling works really nice now. Now I just have to figure out how the shadowModel works as well, among other things. The material files are a bit more complex than the Quake3 files, but in time I'll figure it out.

Current features:

  • Render the levels (with diffuse-map & decals only)
  • Uses the Doom3 Portals/BSP system.
  • Parse the material files, and have most of it working, and switching to using boost::spirit made it really fast and elegant.
  • Parse the .map-file, to some degree ;].
  • And that's kindof it right now.

Things TODO:

  • Do all the fancy per-pixel-lightning. :)
  • Shadows.
  • Everything else.... more.

Jan 20, 2005 - Chess

I went to Stockholms Universitet (Stockholm University) the spring 2003. I had among other things a course in multi-agent-systems. Our task was to, in teams, make ai-agents that could play chess together. I didn't learn too much about multi-agent-systems (other than it doesn't work well for chess) but I did make a nice chess-agent. I have wanted to take that code, convert it into C++ (it was coded in Java) and see how hard it would be to beat when I increase the search-depth etc... Well. All I have to do is make a graphic front-end, and convert all the code. ;]

2005.01.20: Shaders are mostly done... per vertex lighting, ah well.

2005.01.17: The graphic frontend is in the making.