Jan 7, 2005 - The Tempest Engine

This is screenshots from my 3D-engine in the works, The Tempest Engine. It's written in C++ using OpenGL, SDL and DevIL. Current features:

  • Reads in my own model-format and renders it.
  • Wrote a Maya-plugin to export into my own format.
  • Per-pixel-lighting.

Things TODO:

  • LOTS.. ;]
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May 2, 2003 - Shadow Mapping

I have been asked by many to explain how to make shadowmapping and GLSL to work together, and because I am lazy I will try to explain it all here. ;)
First off: if you don't know C++, OpenGL and some basics about shadowmapping, you need to go read up on that first. Other people descibe how to get that working, so I will not repeat (badly) what they write.

If you havn't read it, read this shadowmapping tutorial straight away.

Here is the fixed function code to set up the projection of the shadow (still using the texture matrix, easier to switch to GLSL from that position):

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Dec 15, 2002 - Quake3 Viewer

This is my attempt to write a Quake3 BSP viewer. It's written in C++ using OpenGL and GLUT.

Current features:

  • .BSP support (Quake 3 Arena's map format)
  • Lightmapping
  • Bezier Patches (curved surfaces)
  • PVS and Frustum Culling
  • Multitexturing
  • Multiplatform (using GLUT, later SDL perhaps?)
  • Shaders (not 100% yet but almost)

Things TODO:

  • Fully support the shaders
  • Parse and use the entities
  • Draw the mesh-thingies (statues)
  • Collision detetcion
  • Support .pk3 files
  • Turn it into a playable game ;]
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Jul 2, 2002 - Particles

A Particle-engine in the making.. starting to look nice. Still have alot of stuff to put into it though. Seems as if some (the newest) demos doesn't work on some machines. Glut is neede for some, and newest drivers from nVidia should do it.. but it may require a GeForce3 or better... Feel free to try, and tell me how it went...

I coded a version using timeslices.. it's slower but it works on slower computers and/or when the fps momenterely goes down. Click here to download the timeslice version of the demo.

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