My try at making stencil-shadows.. When I have models I will put up pics of nice world <==> model shadows. ‘Til then this will have to do.. ;]


This is a screenshot of my test-app run in windowed mode. (yes the pink triangles are the lights ;]) This exe isn’t here.. still not ready at all. I need some data to show.. I’m no artist myself.. The one above is newer than the one below.. textures does alot for the scene.. or what do you say? ;] Stencil02

A little earlier program than above. Looks pretty nice nevertheless.. ;] If you see the fps on the pics.. that’s the diff between a GF2MX and a GF4TI4200.. :) If you want to test it, download the demo here. ;] TODO: Silhouette-algorithm… (got an algorithm on paper.. just have to code it.) TODO: Models.. need models and a WORLD to show it in.. I am not up for the task myself.. any takers? ;]