Feb 19, 2021 - from_chars

For one of my own small project, I needed a fast string to float conversion function that worked well with stringviews. I had read about the new C++17 function: std::from_chars_result from_chars(const char* first, const char* last, float& value, std::chars_format fmt = std::chars_format::general)

It worked well, but ofc I was wondering about the speed of it.
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May 23, 2020 - Still alive

Very long time; no post.

So; what has happened since last?

I was quite busy at Fatshark. Vermintide was a big hit. Making a game that is mostly coded in Lua run fast enough on consoles was a challenge ^__^
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Aug 15, 2016 - Floats

I have quite recently learnt things about floating point math, or, to be clear, about IEEE 754.

So, I thought I knew most things about them. And then sadly I read way too many bad sources and got quite confused (some good as well!). To get to the bottom of it, I did what I always do; try it out myself. Debug it!!

This is in the specific context of game development. So, fast, and perhaps not extremly precise? Also x86/x64 specific. And I only know the options name/existance in VS2015.
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Jul 17, 2016 - Update

Haven’t updated in a long time. Mostly busy with work. ( Vermintide PC version released in October 2015. Console versions being worked on. )

I’m really liking Visual Studio 2015. Even if it made one of my previous post on using clang in Visual Studio superfluous.
And now with that, all the C++ features are available! Normal Microsoft compiler has come a long way, but there are still a few things missing. Not that I use a lot myself. The newest feature I use is variadic templates. My logging class doesn’t have macros anymore, and it is typesafe!

I plan to actually do some proper coding very soon.
Not just tiny examples to help relieve my curiosity for new features and such. :)